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You're got a business to run. Let us provide the setting.

View our virtual tour and call us today 604-684-6844 to schedule an on-site visit.
        Suite 300, 1055 W. Hastings St. Vancouver B.C. V6E 2E9   •   Tel: 604-684-6844   • 1-855-684-6844 (toll-free)

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guinnessbusiness.com Vancouver Office Space:
9.9 out of 10 based on 63 customer ratings

Be prepared from the moment you step into our luxuriously appointed lobby, to be transported into a totally unique office environment, and experience the Guinness difference.

Strategically located in the heart of Vancouver's financial district near the waterfront, your office at Guinness will provide you with a professional corporate presence in an atmosphere of beauty and turn-key business services - all at an affordable rate.

Our friendly, experienced team of support staff are prepared to ensure your company has everything it needs to operate efficiently so that you can focus on its growth.

Guinness also hosts lively bi-annual networking events to help expand your business connections. Many of our clients have formed lasting relationships with each other and have gone on to collaborate on projects together.

Your corporate presence, comfort and business success are top priorities at Guinness.
View our virtual tour and call us today 604-684-6844 to schedule an on-site visit.
Your new office awaits.
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