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Guinness Business Center
Fall 2010

Welcome to our Fall 2010 e-News Update!
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We trust you have had a lovely summer and that with a healthier economy, things are going well in your business.

There is a lot happening at the Guinness Business Centre these days with exciting new companies and vibrant people joining the floor. 

We hope you find the information in this newsletter interesting, engaging and helpful.   

If you'd like to contribute an article or have your company featured in this publication, please let us know!

Enjoy the fall season, it's one of our favourite times of year.

Alison Eland, Managing Partner

Guinness Life & Announcements

Wine and Cheese 2010

GBC has three networking reception events a year where Guinnessonians can mingle, get to know their neighbors and learn more about each other's businesses.
Our office encourages a sense of belonging where everyone is welcome to come out and have a great time.

If you were at the last gathering, you may have been captured in some of our pictures as we enjoy creating memories.

You can view some of our previous wine and cheese gatherings by visiting http://www.guinnessbusiness.com/gallery.html
The "Goat" Exchange Ceremony

If you are lucky enough to receive the ceremonial goat it means you have been a loyal Guinnessonian for some time.  Here, Doug Turnbull from Lakehead Geological is handed "The Goat" by former recipient Jame Healy, Avantage Partners.

Yes, we do work hard and like to balance it with some fun, who can blame us?

For those of you who remember Guinness girl and singing sensation Chantel Upshaw, you can check out her latest song "Everything Must Change".  She will be appearing at The Media Club on October 25th at 8pm.  You can also visit her "My Space" page.
As you all know, Nina Yerex has been our Receptionist for 10 months now, and we are so glad to have her on board.  Her effervescent personality, engaging smile and caring attitude create a wonderful front desk environment and she is truly a welcome addition to the Guinness team.  Nina may soon become known for another facet of her life.  Our own “Souperstar” will soon be appearing on a TV near you – in a Campbell’s Soup commercial.  Stay tuned!
Well, the rumour is true.  Our own Reyhaneh Wiebe and her “always entertaining” husband Kent are expecting thier second child. 

Reyhaneh’s positive, uplifting personality, helpful attitude and efficiency in whatever she takes on will be hard to replace during her upcoming maternity leave. So if you know a “Reyhaneh clone”, please let us know - before March!
Congrats to our fellow Guinnessonians! 

Peter Edgar, Edgar Development, just got hitched!
Peter & his beautiful bride Teresa were married on August 21, 2010 in exotic Nafplion, Greece.

Jamin Davies
B.Eng., M.B.A – We salute you!  Jamin, with Babcock & Wilcox, graduated as the top student and Award Winner from UBC’s Sauder School of Business.
Cathie Lewis Hardy, TravelSavers Canada, came very close to raising her $3000 goal at the Weekend to End Women’s Cancer 60Km walk on August 14 & 15th. 
Cindy Brannan, Expert Recruiters, and husband Kirk Snowden welcomed baby Isla on May 29, 2010 
Stephanie Hayes, Avantage Partners, and husband Ryan Robertson (The Hayesertsons!) welcomed baby Hayden on April 30, 2010.

B2B Knowledge
Guinnessonians in the Media 

"Guarding Against The Unexpected" - The Wall Street Journal Interview with Claude Bovet of SFCS Capital.  Article: How to minimize the risk of unexpected market plunges has vexed investors for generations. Read more

"Six Steps To Securing Debt Financing" - Octane Magazine by Dean Shillington of Knightsbridge Capital. Article: This won't be news to entrepreneurs, but the lending world has changed.  Read more

"Still Communicating 'Old School'?" - Mining.com Magazine by Loa Fridfinnson of Activ8 Corporate Relations. Article: As consumers and corporate purchasers, we tend to conduct research online. Read more

Maria Thomas of Urban Nutrition featured on a TV show : 'Village on a Diet' airs January 2011 on CBC!

Around the Floor

We'd like to welcome GBC newcomers to the Guinness floor and tell you a bit about what your neighbours do.
 Nutrition for today's healthy lifestyle

       Business intelligence solutions & Performance management 

      Manufacturing & Marketing of world's first economically
      viable source of clean & efficient renewable energy


     Geochemical consultants & database management solutions


    Mineral Exploration & Mining Services



Guinnessonians: 10 years and still with us!

Jospeh Zepedeo: Integral Business Leadership Group (our very first
office client, now virtual)
Vicki Bennett: Vicki Bennett Mediation (our very first virtual client)
ZSA Legal Recruitment (longest residing company on our floor)
Nerella Campigotto: Boomerang Consulting (longest residing Guinnessonian on our floor)
Darcia Bower: Expert Recruiters (now a virtual client)
Henry Doyle: Al Heaps & Associates
Loa Fridfinnson: Activ8 Corporate Relations
Dale Andrews: First Wave Capital Group

Featured GBC Client 


Franchiselink is Canada's most connected franchise network dedicated to helping people navigate Canada’s largest selection of franchises and business opportunities. They have been in the franchise matching business for over 30 years.
Creators of a proven system that has helped hundreds of clients find the franchise that is right for them, Franchiselink has a diverse team composed of commercial real estate professionals, business coaches, and finance specialists. Franchiselink is interested in your SUCCESS!




Vancouver Events

Wonder what's happening around our fine city during the month of October?  Here is just a sampling of things to do that we thought might interest you and your family. 



Check out the Tastes of Yaletown where you can wine and dine on 3 course menus for $25, $35 and $45 at the finest restaurants in Yaletown. Visit http://yaletowninfo.com/events/taste-of-yaletown/menus/ for locations and menus. 




Leadership Lessons from Influential Women in Business.
A leadership development event for mid-career business women. Consisting of a panel discussion; round table discussions with a variety of topics, and concluding with lunch, this event provides networking and leadership lessons to emerging women business leaders. 
  For more information and tickets  



Ready for a little pumpkin carving with the kids?  Check out the annual pumpkin patch farms in the Lower Mainland.  Top Five Pumpkin-Picking Patches in Vancouver


How about the Ghost Train in Stanley Park? It always delivers family fun!
October 8-31st, 6-10PM Nightly

Additional GBC Services

We are pleased to take this opportunity to tell you about a new battery recycling program on our floor, initiated by Oxford Properties.  Batteries are one of the most harmful products that end up in the landfill.  Help us in our goal to go green; for proper disposal, drop off your used batteries in the receptacle by the photocopier, and let's contribute to a healthier planet together!

For those in-house clients who need space for their consultants on the road, or virtual clients who need a drop-in desk space, we now have temporary desk rentals in the Northwest corner of the floor.  Let us know if you ever need space on a drop-in hourly basis and we'd be happy to set you up. 

Guinness Support Team

It's our pleasure to assist you with any of your office requirements so please come to us when you need a helping hand.

Have a wonderful next few months and we will see you around the office.


Alison, Reyhaneh and Nina

  Suite 300, 1055 W. Hastings St. Vancouver B.C. V6E 2E9  •  Tel: 604-684-6844  •  Fax: 604-684-6024