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Which Jobs Thrive at a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces or shared offices are popping up everywhere!

In Canada alone, there has been an increase of 303% in flexible office space rental in the last 5 years! (CBRE, 2019)

Prompted by the rapid change in technology and work culture, the spaces are becoming a popular choice for companies of any size.

There are many factors that make a coworking space an attractive choice for professionals. Sense of community, price point, flexibility and the opportunity to network are just a few reasons why people make the switch.

But how do you know if a coworking space is right for you?

We list the top 5 professions that benefit from being in a coworking space.


For most writers, the prerequisites for a successful workplace, solidarity and quiet are generally found in the home. However, these conditions can quickly change when you are surrounded by a plethora of delightful distractions such as the TV and a mountain of washing. Imagine having a peaceful writing nook to get away too, a little piece of heaven decorated just the way you like which encourages the flow of creativity. Renting a private office in a shared community is an affordable way to guarantee solace and space when a deadline approaches.


The perfect writers nook at the GBC – Miranda Landry Photography www.mirandalandry.com @mirasphotos


First impressions are imperative for Recruitment professionals. They want prospective candidates to feel assured and confident that their consultant is connected to reputable and prestigious companies throughout the city. Boutique coworking spaces are a fabulous choice for recruitment agencies as they place an emphasis on tasteful furnishings and décor that convey a sense of professionalism and success. When you join a shared office space you don’t only receive keys to an office. You receive access to an elegant reception area, a welcoming receptionist and polished meeting rooms, ensuring you always deliver the best first impression.


The perfect first impression at GBC – Miranda Landry Photography www.mirandalandry.com @mirasphotos


For more and more lawyers the relentless rat race to climb the corporate ladder is becoming an unfeasible and unattractive feat. Many lawyers spend years working under the hardened gaze of a superior only to find themselves burnt out and unfulfilled, working away to make someone else rich. Therefore; the solopreneur life has become a more attractive option for lawyers who can start their own practices and work on their own terms. A professional and chic shared office space, complete with a smiling receptionist and chic meeting rooms is the perfect option for a self-employed lawyer looking to start their business on the right foot.


The perfect spot for client meetings at the GBC – Miranda Landry Photography www.mirandalandry.com @mirasphotos


Marketing Creative

Collaboration fuels creativity. The creative community has been forced to assimilate to a style of working that is unfavourable to their success for years. Coworking spaces are a great option for those working in a creative role, as the opportunity to interact and engage is endless! Most coworking spaces offer open plan offices with large social spaces, which encourage members to share ideas, discuss projects and feed off each other’s energy. A virtual office plan is a perfect way for creatives to test the waters at a coworking space and see if the vibe is right for them.


The Library Room is the perfect space to catch up at the GBC


No matter what profession you are in, there is a coworking space which is right for you! If you are thinking about starting you own business or exploring the self-employed route, make sure you investigate a shared office or coworking space. Not only will you find a home for your business, you will find a community of new professional friends!