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Workplace Relationships: Why Are They Important!

Workplaces, both physical and virtual, play a role in reducing stress and elevating happiness. Having good friends and colleagues at work can help you feel satisfied. Additionally, they can support the idea to stay at your job longer. In the midst of a pandemic, these work relationships are more important than ever!

Relationships at work are critical to our mental health and overall well-being. Friends and colleagues can offer perspective. They can help you tap into self-control, in order to offer your best – at work and within your community.

Workplace environments are fundamentally social. Collaboration, cooperation, teamwork, and friendships are vital for the success of individuals and companies.

workplace relationships are more important than ever

So, how can you build powerful relationships in work experience, especially when we are not regularly in the office together?


Seek out tasks.

One of the most powerful ways to build relationships at work is actually through the work. Collaborating on a challenging topic or working together on a difficult client issue is more likely to ensure a long-lasting connection. Teamwork enables employees to be quicker and more effective in their work. Moreover, it creates more responsible employees, which goes a long way in raising motivation levels and productivity.


Avoid competing.

While competition is seemingly part of all kinds of work, turning competition outside of the organization can help internal cooperation. Working together to beat the competition or creating new innovations to help your business recover after COVID-19 will make your time with colleagues more rewarding.

workplace relationships are more important than ever

Help others get ahead.

Helping in the workplace takes various forms: training an intern, comforting a colleague in distress, or taking on extra work to complete a team project. Do your best work so others can do theirs. Now, while there are so many day-to-day challenges living life in new ways, it is important to follow up, follow through and be responsive to others around you. This way others can follow your lead and do their best work as well.


Offer challenging perspectives.

In addition to building relationships for support, also seek relationships that challenge you. In order to do our best, we need others to be honest and point out where we can improve. Team members and colleagues who can help you correct a less-than-helpful trait and become better, are the friends who will help you succeed in the long term.


The circumstances created by the Coronavirus make friendships more important than ever. Make the most of your relationships with others at work by bonding over work tasks, avoid competing with one another, helping each other, being real, listening and offering challenging perspectives.

These approaches and surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to be at your best through our current struggles, will enhance your success from now until when the world returns to a ‘new normal’.

Colleagues and coworkers, whether part of a business centre, sole practitioner or entrepreneur, are always important. A good network can help create an environment of unique relationships that challenge you, give you varying perspectives, encourage motivation and build inspiration. Although everyone is in a different type of business or industry, the fundamentals remain the same.

workplace relationships are more important than ever