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Benefits Of Getting Away From The Home Office

Benefits Of Getting Away From The Home Office

It’s no secret – a lot of us are working from home. With today’s technology, offices can exist virtually and business can proceed as simply as if it occurred in a brick and mortar space.

With the home office, many entrepreneurs find it difficult to separate work and home-life. This can lead to negatives like health problems, procrastination and loss of motivation.

Working in the same environment, day in and day out, we lack the outside stimulation that sparks new ideas and inspires our creative spirit.

Here are 5 benefits to leaving the home office.

1. Networking

According to the founder of Business Networking International, Dr. Ivan Misner, people who spend more than 20 hours each week networking, on average, recieve 70 percent of their business through referrals. Try joining a shared office space, attend a chamber of commerce meeting or get involved in a MeetUp group related to your field. You’ll meet new people, make important contacts and generate more business.

2. Change of Scenery

Cabin fever is a real thing. Getting out of the house will give you a much needed change of scenery and may help prevent burnout and exhaustion. The simple act of taking a walk can soothe the soul, inspire the mind and to start to create. According to Stanford researchers, walking boosts creativity by an average of 60 percent.

3. Sense of Purpose

Sitting around all day can really have an impact on how you feel. Doing something for yourself as simple as getting dressed to go out can lift the spirits. Embrace the good feeling you get from doing your hair, shaving that stubble or putting on a little makeup. Make it a point to get in the shower every morning and get dressed for work, even if you don’t leave the house. It will make a huge difference in how professional you feel and act. Plus you’ll be ready to dash out the door or pop onto a zoom call at a moment’s notice.

4. Essential Movement

In Particular, if you are working from your bed, couch or kitchen table, sitting for hours is detrimental to your health. You need regular movement and exercise to boost energy and keep you from developing stiff muscles. Many neuromuscular or physiological problems are caused by sitting too much. Make it a point to take a break several times each day. You’ll do your body a favor by getting up and getting out. Even just for a little while.

5. Innovation

Innovation works best when you have the opportunity to learn new things, connect with people outside your usual network and be stimulated by variety around you. Face to face and person to person is undoubtedly best for generating ideas and creative solutions. When you need to brainstorm or create together with others, opt for an office or a shared workspace where you can be in person with colleagues and teammates.

If you’re business has adapted to working remotely, take advantage of the freedom it offers in your schedule and be sure to explore the opportunities and benefits of getting outside the home office.

Business centres can be a great option to keep a healthy balance. Many offer virtual plans with boardroom usage, private offices on a monthly basis or casual hire of meeting rooms for non-members. Even if you only access the business centre a few days each week, having a separate space from the home office can be beneficial.

Shared workspaces can help surround you with like minded professionals that can create an environment that allows and encourages focus and concentration. Additionally, being in a building filled with startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs can help you innovate, network and socialize with people facing similar opportunities and challenges as you.