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“New week, new me.” 
“Don’t wish for it, work for it.”
“Go above and Beyonce.”

This is just a small selection of the cascade of inspirational quotes I am bombarded with each time I go online. Don’t get me wrong; I am all for attacking my day with confidence and vigor, but could someone actually tell me how? I, for one, am an expert in setting goals, but sometimes I feel myself getting overwhelmed, which leads to my productivity levels plummeting. But don’t stress! I’ve done some digging, and compiled a short list of how we can all steer toward success, make our dreams a reality. I looked to the experts for some advice on how to boost productivity, to conquer your to do list like the boss you are.

  1. Follow the productivity formula 5 x 50

Brendon Burchard, the highest paid performance coach in North America, and author of “High Performance Habits” has completed intensive research into the area of productivity. Brendon promises that if we can master 5 key areas of our lives, we will be able to increase focus, energy and effectiveness by 30% every week! These key areas are:

Brendon Burchard, Success Magazine Oct 2017

  • 50 minutes more sleep: 7-9 hours is the recommended amount; are you getting enough?
  • 50-minute morning power block: Setting yourself up for success starts the second you wake up. Do you use this time to exercise and prepare your body for the day? Or do you begin by mentally planning out your working day and developing a strategy? How could this time be better spent?
  • Block Time or batch working: “Block Time” is a focus-management approach that requires “blocking out” large amounts of time for a particular task. Do you meet each task with a clear head and block out distractions? Or are you jumping from one task to the next? How could you improve your working style? 
  • 50 minute breaks: Studies show that taking a short break every 50 minutes can give you a restored cognitive focus, leading to greater productivity. Do you take time to stretch your body and stay hydrated? Do you need to increase your breaks?
  • 50 minute renewals: Looking after your mind and restoring a sense of calm and peace is essential to continued focus. Try meditating or taking a walk every day on a consistent basis. What would work best for you?


  1. Set daily intentions
    Chris Bailey is a bestselling author and productivity consultant who makes a living out of sharing his practical and tactical advice with audiences around the world. According to Chris, we often confuse being busy with being productive. Many of us spend time mapping out to-do lists only to find ourselves constantly adding to the list instead of ticking off our accomplishments. Bailey recommends setting daily intentions each morning. Select 3 goals you would like to achieve each day and purely focus on them. 

Chris Bailey Author of The Productivity Project


  1. Stop the distractions
    It is scary how many ways we can be distracted in 2019. Instagram, Facebook, text messaging, emails, it is incredibly challenging to hide away and find complete seclusion in the age of technology. Jenna Kutcher is an educator, photographer, marketing guru and one of my favorite entrepreneurs. Somebody who has achieved all of that by the age of 31 certainly knows how to be productive. Jenna shares that airplane mode and hitting ‘pause’ on her inbox are two crucial elements that allow her to achieve her business goals on time and in style. 

Jenna Kutcher, host of the Goal Digger Podcast


Work smarter not harder and apply these tips to your working life today!