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Let’s face it. We’ve all had days where our high hopes for a productive morning are swiftly smothered by a mountain of new tasks, deadlines and distractions. When you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or manager of a small business, time is money, and you have no time to waste. Coordinating a move to a brand-new office rental space is a prime example of an event that is laced with multiple moving parts, deadlines and stress. Technology, in particular, can be a factor in this problem, however, there are a few apps that can turn this hindrance into help.

Wunderlist: This app is an incredible task management app for both businesses and individuals who simply want to get more organized. The app allows you to enter in specific tasks and file them into different folders e.g. personal & professional, include deadlines and invite contributors for group assignments. Moving to a new office space comes with a plethora of different tasks that need your attention. Make the move to your new office rental as seamless as possible and input your tasks into the Wunderlist app. It also gives you the sweet satisfaction of ticking things off your to-do list which leaves you feeling very accomplished.

Pocket: This app is fabulous for heavy consumers of online content and perfect for all of those times you think “ill save that for later”. This app enables you to save anything from office décor ideas, rental agreements, email threads and videos into your “pocket”. You are even able to share the content with your friends via the app or using social media channels. It is the perfect way to avoid a distraction (hilarious meme from a colleague, or that amazing sale online). But it does allow you to indulge in it later when you have the time (and money).

Trello: Trello is one of my personal favourites! I use the app to keep on task and stay organized by creating multiple sets of lists for a plethora of different projects. When you join a coworking community many exciting events come your way such as office orientation with the admin team and networking events with your new neighbours. It is important to keep track of all these upcoming events which is made super easy with the Trello application that can be used on a PC or mobile phone device. Categorizing tasks and events is made exceptionally easy with the colour coding feature and the ability to share links via the boards ensures everyone in your team is up to date. The app also allows you to get in touch with your creative side and can act as an online vision board. You can input your ideas using text, images and links to project your ideas visually and see your future!

MailChimp: MailChimp is an oldie but a goodie. Created in the early 2000s, the email marketing platform launched a mobile version in 2017 which has simplified the lives of many marketers. MailChimp allows users to combine all their tasks into one easy to use platform. Users can upload and edit customer databases which they can then send newsletters, special announcements, event invites and more. These marketing efforts can be graded using the analytics section which includes detailed reports and metrics. Another incredible bonus of MailChimp is its ability to integrate other apps such as facebook, Instagram and Xero accounting software.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed with a task and questioning your productivity turn to technology! Just be sure to share it with your friends at your new office space, they are too good not to share.

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