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There has been a major shift in the working environment which has seen a rise in the number of coworking spaces and business centres in most major cities. According to Linda Nazareth from The Globe And Mail “In 2017 there were 14,411 coworking spaces globally, a figure that has been forecasted to hit 30,000 by 2022. By that time, those spaces will house 5 million members, up from approximately 1.74mil at present”. So, what’s the major draw card of these institutions, below are my top 5:

Control: One of the biggest perks of breaking out of a traditional working environment is that you get to make your own rules! Most business centres allow for 24/7 access meaning you can work whenever suits you. Members are able to tailor make plans which best suit their working styles, from introverts who prefer the solitude of a private office to extroverts who love sharing ideas in a collaborative space.

Community: Let’s face it being an entrepreneur or a small business can get a little lonely. The ability to connect with others is one of the biggest draw cards of a shared space as when you are a member of a business centre you are also a member of a community. Networking events can be invaluable as the combined knowledge present at the centre is a mix of unique skills from a range of industries.

Cost Effective: The thought of committing to a lengthy and expensive lease can be incredibly daunting for most small businesses. Not to mention the commitment to internet, electricity and telephone contracts when you aren’t entirely sure of what the future holds. Coworking spaces are a great way to ease into the entrepreneurial world as they minimize the financial risk and provide options for companies of every size.

Furnishings: Interior design not your strong point? Don’t have time to pick out furniture? Every coworking space has been expertly designed to suit the needs of the modern professional. For example, our business centre includes 2 fully equipped kitchens, a chic and stylish reception area and modern meeting rooms with all the AV essentials. Joining a coworking office is joining a ready-made office, you can start working the second you get into your new space.

Office Support: In many cases (including ours) your coworking space also comes with a highly skilled, professional support team. Here at the Guinness Business Centre we are a friendly team who offer a range of services including, telephone answering, courier and mail handling, document editing and more. The team also provide emotional support and act as a friendly face to see every day, someone to share your wins with and help you in any way needed.

Never before have people been able to create their own unique and personal working conditions to best suit their lifestyles. The phenomenon has allowed for the creation of many new businesses and encouraged individuals to chase their entrepreneurial dream. Coworking spaces allow professionals to reach their full potential, make their own rules and join a multi skilled community.

If this article has made you a believer in the coworking phenomenon we would love to meet you! Contact us today and learn how we can help you change your future.