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It is the eve of the Annual Heart and Stroke Foundation event, the Heart of Gold Gala. Each year this event takes hold of the Guinness Business Centre as the ladies of the floor eagerly discuss cocktail dresses and gowns, makeup appointments and accessories. The glamour of the event is certainly a draw card for attendees however for the members of the GBC it is a time to be thankful and support a cause close to home.

Some of our dear members have been affected by this terrible disease which is the number 1 cause of premature death in women in Canada (Heart&Stroke, 2019). Since then the GBC has centered many fundraisers and events around the non-for profit, which has heightened awareness of the disease as well as increased monetary donations. Our business is not alone in this venture, in 2019 most businesses are actively involved in enhancing their corporate responsibility through philanthropic giving, environmental initiatives or ethical business practices. A recent example of this which made global headlines was Mackenzie Bezos, who after divorcing the worlds richest man, Jeff Bezos, has promised half of her $36.6 billion dollar fortune to charity (Kottasová, 2019). This act is through The Giving Pledge which invites the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to use their wealth to address issues such as poverty, disaster relief, education and medical research (The Pledge, 2019).

This trend of goodwill among businesses is not only beneficial for the causes they support but also to the business itself. Many consumers would rather support businesses who are involved in philanthropic activities than those who are not.

Have you considered your corporate responsibility as a business owner?

There are many ways you can include philanthropy in your business plan, below are some of our favourite examples.

S’well water bottles:

When the company was launched in 2010 founder Sarah Kauss had one mission, to rid the world of plastic water bottles. 8 years later the company is thriving with sleek and stylish bottles that are incredibly durable and have the ability to keep water hot or cold for up to 12 hours. The bottles can also be adorned with a company logo for corporations, and companies can pass on good will as a percentage of sales profits go to UNICEF to help provide the world with clean drinking water

Love Your Melon:

Love your melon is a US company which was founded in 2012 by two students with the mission to put a hat on the head of every child in America battling cancer. After meeting that goal and giving 45,000 hats they have since pledged to donate 50% of profits to pediatric cancer research which has totaled over 4.7million dollars. The beanies come in a variety of colours and are made with 100% cotton, so you can turn that mundane essential into a life changing choice.

Lush Cosmetics:

Loved by many, Lush is a cosmetic brand with a difference. The company holds a strong stance on animal testing, ethical buying and recycling meaning consumers know their purchases help Lush in their many altruistic efforts. All products developed by the company are natural and handmade with ingredients coming from ethical farming communities supported by the Sustainable Lush Fund. Simply shopping at lush is a good moral choice however the lush charity pot takes it further with 100% of  sales going to charities supporting human & animal right

Follow the link to start today and make a donation to The Heart and Stroke Foundation today!