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There is nothing quite like unwinding from a long day at the office by enjoying a full flavoured glass of wine accompanied with a perfectly paired cheese platter. The team at the Guinness Business Centre doesn’t need to wait till July 25th to celebrate National Wine and Cheese Day, any excuse to crack open that good bottle of red or artisan blue vein cheese will do, particularly when you have so many people to share it with. These social events allow our members to get to know their neighbours in a relaxed, social setting, where they can collaborate on new projects, empathize with each other’s challenges and share ideas for the future. These events are particularly favoured by the ladies in our shared office space as it gives them a chance to support one another, build confidence and develop meaningful friendships. 

Attending networking events is a great way to boost creativity and encourage the flow of new ideas. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your ability to bounce ideas off teammates or brainstorm solutions is limited. Joining a coworking community or surrounding yourself with like-minded people can help you gain valuable insight and perspective into areas you are struggling with. Testing theories or new ideas with your peers can instill confidence as well as boost your reputation in the business community. 

Another key benefit for women attending networking events is the possibility of finding a mentor. A Linkedin study reported that 82% of women agreed that having a mentor is important for career advancement, professional guidance and industry knowledge (Williams, 2011). The entrepreneurial journey can be daunting and the prospect of relying on your judgement can be scary. Developing self-confidence in your decision-making ability is key to success and can be improved with the guidance of a mentor.

Once you have found a supportive mentor, doors start to open. Invitations for prestigious learning seminars and networking events flood in, which in turn allows you to expand your professional network. Obtaining a strong reference from a credible and knowledgeable mentor is a fantastic advantage when applying for future job opportunities and solidifies your stance as a strong candidate.

Attending a networking event can be inspiring! Imagine listening to the stories of strong, professional women who have navigated adversity and come out on top. We all need a reminder to refocus ourselves and reevaluate our goals to reach our full potential.

So, break out the special bottle you have been saving and collaborate on a tasting platter (we love Cotter Crunch for inspo) . Celebrate National Wine and Cheese Day with the ladies at your office or coworking space. These fun catch-ups are all opportunities to shape your career, find meaningful relationships and boost your confidence.