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In your lifetime you will spend nearly a quarter of your life at work.


Just let that sink in.

This is exactly why it is important to make sure your workplace is a fun, friendly and positive space where people want to be every day.

What is the perfect way to bring some fun into your office? That’s right, a social function!

Now, these events aren’t all about allowing your employees to let their hair down and have a great time. There are some considerable benefits that come with hosting corporate events such as (Kaiser, 2019):

  • increased creativity and collaboration between departments
  • improved idea generation
  • boosted morale and productivity
  • decreased levels of anxiety and stress
  • increased levels of job satisfaction and overall happiness of your employees
  • decrease in employee turnover

Have we convinced you yet? Great!

The next step is brainstorming what kind of event would work for your business. Below we have a couple of suggestions that have been incredibly well received by our members to give you some inspiration.

Ladies Wine Tasting:

Our monthly Ladies Wine Tasting hosted by The Vancouver Club is a popular event just for the ladies. These events have allowed us to discover local wines, international varieties and even even some incredible whiskeys. But the highlight of these events is always the social element and getting to know each other outside of business hours. These events give the ladies of the office a chance to glam up and network with each other in a sophisticated and elegant setting whilst learning about some delicious new wines.

Presentation Picnics:

Our monthly Presentation Picnics are another favourite amongst members. These meetups allow members to learn and discuss a variety of topics from entrepreneurial growth and personal development to our latest session on understanding cryptocurrency. The world of business is changing at a rapid pace and these sessions can equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to keep ahead in business. Our members use these events to share new products and services in a welcoming environment, whilst participating in stimulating conversations.

Office Parties:

Our seasonal office parties have always been a highlight on the social calendar. This is a tradition in its 22nd year which gives all our past, present, and virtual members a chance to catch up with one another and share their latest stories. It is a pleasure to see all of our members come together for these events and witness how strong the community is at the GBC. Our members enjoy a delicious spread of cocktail canapes and grazing platters accompanied with a variety of drinks, games and photos. These events provide members with the unique opportunity to network with professionals from every industry and have resulted in many joint ventures, business mergers, and new friendships.

No matter what size your business is, it can benefit from a social event. It could be a small team dinner at a lavish restaurant, a catered morning tea in the break room or an annual Christmas cocktail party with all the trimmings. Start planning today and see the benefits.