Decades of service with a modern approach to how we do business.

The Guinness Business Centre has been a staple of downtown Vancouver for over 20 years. We have celebrated the growth of new industries and weathered the changes of the international markets. What’s stayed the same is our dedication to providing a welcoming and professional atmosphere at all of our locations.
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Looking for a little more support?

This is made possible by our dedicated team. Each of our Executive Service Team members have made service their top goal, and their experience spans decades. They are always there to greet our guests with a friendly smile and our tenants by name. Their mission to make sure that everyone who walks through our doors feels like they’re cared for, supported, and welcome.

Let us know if you require additional support. Our service team can run errands, arrange appointments, or make recommendations for the best local eats, drinks, and entertainment. Let us know how we can make your day better.

Reyhaneh Wiebe

Managing Director

Reyhaneh is the office guru! She has a career that spans over 20 years of experience in office administration and management, which she has developed in both London, UK and Vancouver, BC. Much adored by members, Reyhaneh has had the pleasure of fostering close relationships with many businesses and entrepreneurs over the 15 years she has spent at the centre.

She says, “It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to witness the success and growth of companies in the GBC family. I am personally invested and feel a great sense of pride for the achievements of our members, I find their entrepreneurial spirit very inspiring”.

Reyhaneh’s s dedication and personal commitment has contributed to an incredibly low turnover rate, with some members celebrating 5 and even 10-year anniversaries. This is a testament to the engaging and supportive culture that she fosters, not only in the coworking space but also with the wider GBC community.

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